Vj Kaycee

VJ KayCee worked on a slew of odd jobs having dropped out from a mechanical engineering course before finally finding his calling in visual jockeying. From the very beginning, his work stood out owing to his unique geometric but organic style, varying his visuals depending on the genre he's working with. Hands on since 2007, KayCee strongly believes in evolving his style to incorporate ever-changing technology and at his shows, it is very evident that conceptual art goes hand-in-hand with the music. His work exudes old-world charm with a fusion of the new digital age and some of his notable works include spearheading visuals for all A.R. Rahman concerts, designs for VH1 Supersonic Festival Goa (2014 & 2015) as well as LED work at Chinnaswamy Stadium during the 2013 IPL which can be witnessed even to this day. Using the latest video, visual and projection mapping technology to fuel his creative experimentation, KayCee has worked alongside well established brands like Kingfisher, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Absolute, Adidas and Miller, to name a few. Branching out and spreading his magic, he is also responsible for creating some of the most magnanimous stage shows for The Official F1 Party featuring Lady Gaga and Edward Maya, Eristoff Invasion Festival featuring Prodigy, Jay Sean, Sean Kingston and Alexander Stand, Star Networks, Sun TV, Asianet, and more. He has also been creating custom visuals for A.R. Rahman concerts since 2014, the world over. KayCee holds the record for being the only visual artist in the country to have designed visuals for a performance at the prestigious Wembley Arena in London, and in 2012 KayCee founded PIXADOO - a visual arts studio that aims to raise the awareness and importance of visual art in the country.

VJ KayCee


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